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Museo LagOmar - Omar-Sharf-House

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One of the most impressive sights of Lanzarote is the Casa Omar Sharif, the LagOmar in Nazareth. The complex was built into the cliffs of the quarry of Nazareth.

It is a mix of restaurant, bar and museum and shows you like so as wll as many other buildings in Lanzarote, how to integrate harmoniously architecture into the landscape without destroying it.

According to a legend, the most famous son of the island and artist, César Manrique, has designed and created this building in the early 70s for the actor Omar Sharif.

Supposedly Omar Sharif had this beautiful property just for one day, because according to rumors he lost it one day after its acquisition at a bridge tournament at the same premises.

During a tour through the rooms of the house this bridge game and many other things, recorded on video, can be seen.

In the 90s approximately 7,000 m2 of the area were extended. Particularly noteworthy is the restaurant LagOmar that offers 50 seats and the cave bar La Cueva.

LagOmar has numerous side caves, many winding paths water tunnels and can provide space for up to 300 guests.

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