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Jardin de Cactus - The cactus garden

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The cactus garden is a wonderful example how to integrate architecture and art into the landscape perfectly. César Manrique realized this keen architectural complex by combining art and nature.

The garden is located in the town of Guatiza, a municipality of Teguise, in the center of an agricultural environment that is characterized by large plantations of prickly pears. 

These pears are used for the cultivation of „Dactylopius coccus“ a kind of lice from which you obtain carmine dye.

What’s to see there? 

In the five thousand square meters of the center, there are more than 7,200 specimens of 1,100 species of plants that were originally derived from diverse areas such as Peru, Mexico, Chile, United States of America, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and the Canary Islands.
In the garden there is a very nice restaurant, which was built by Manrique in the volcanic rocks of the environment.

As in all of his works, César Manrique succeeded in planning the cactus garden in a way that brings art and culture in harmony with nature.

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