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Jameos del Agua - The art center

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The Jameos del Agua is the first art, culture and tourism center, which was founded by César Manrique. It reflects one of the supporting pillars of his art.
The Jameos del Agua are located inside a volcanic tunnel, which was created by the eruption of the Volcán de la Corona.

Jameos del Aqua owe its name to the existence of an inner lake, which is an unique geological formation. 
It is formed by seepage, because it is located below sea level.

What is to see there? 

An impressive cave system with a concert hall and the underground lake mentioned before are unique in the world. It’s the place where white albino-crabs live.

These only 15 mm small and blind "Jameitos", also called monkcrab. This crab is the symbol of the "Jameos del Agua". A large sculpture in form of a crab shows the visitors the way into the cave.

The restaurant illuminated by the sunlight, with magnificent view onto the underground salt lake, invites you for a snack after visiting the cave.

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