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Cueva de los Verdes - The Lavatube

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Very close to the Jameos del Agua, vou will find the cave “Cueva de los Verdes”. It belongs to the same cave system. The lava-tunnel, which was formed by the Volcán la Corona, is one of the longest and most interesting of the planet.

Along its route there are at least sixteen lava tubes.
The more than six-kilometer-long main lava tube extends from the crater of the volcano into the sea, with a mile long underwater section of a mile, which is called "Atlantic Tunnel".

What’s to see there?

Jesus Soto, an artist from Lanzarote, used his full knowledge of light and shadows to create a special atmosphere.
Undoubtedly, the visit to the cave Cueva de los Verdes is a true initiatory journey into the heart of the earth, a unique and spectacular experience.

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